Library Archives For November 30, 1999

A session and Library How-To Research Guide about interdisciplinary resources available to support the creation of scholarly digital projects and presentations.

Are your students creating presentations in your class?  Are you tired of the standard linear PowerPoint presentation (a presentation WMD)?  This session will showcase the many different production and presentation tools available to you and your students as well as the copyright and fair use considerations that go into creation of digital and online content (ever tried to put something up on YouTube and suffered the “copyright infringement smack down?”).   Learn about the creative commons, the Center for Social Media, and online production tools for any kind of multimedia presentation.  From finding media for digital storytelling to creating exceptionally memorable presentations with new software tools, this LITE session will spice up your teaching, your presentations, and pretty much your life* in general.

Feel free to stop in or email to reserve your seat for Thursday at 3pm in the Addlestone.

*please note that knowledge of digital presentation whiz-bang is a necessary, but not sufficient condition for life spicing

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