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How can we improve the library for you?

This entry was posted on Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Hello everyone,

The library is looking at redesigning some of its space to better support student learning, collaboration and information usage. The “how can we improve the library for you?” campaign was designed to solicit feedback from college community members so that we could think about designing these spaces around community needs instead of the “build it and they will come” approach. We also thought we could gain some useful feedback regarding services in the process. I will attempt to provide some feedback regarding some of the comments we received.

Fix the wireless
We met with IT’s network engineering team several times over the past 3 weeks and will meet with them regularly on Wednesdays until improvements are made. Unfortunately I must report that the wireless issues are not restricted to the library as the whole campus is experiencing some lapses in service. As this appears to be a more global issue, a fix may take a little more time to develop. Please help us by letting the information desk know when you experience a wireless problem. This will help us locate problem areas, troubleshoot and develop a solution. Please contact me directly if you want more detailed information regarding the measures IT has taken so far to try and fix the situation.
Open 24/7
The library has submitted a proposal to open 24/5 however this will require funding that is not available at this time. Upgrading facilities and technology across the entire campus justifiably takes priority over keeping the building open longer. We have the same issue with extending the hours to open earlier and close later.
More computers
The library is investigating the possibility of creating smaller computing areas and possibly a “bring your own device” lab on the 2nd and 3rd floors in addition to the 1st floor lab. We will have to ensure that the quiet study areas on those floor are preserved. There is currently a bring your own device lab set up on the first floor with monitors for you to connect your laptop to. I encourage you to try it and let us know what you think. It’s located in the back corner of the the computer lab.
More outlets
On October 4th the library administration met with the College architect and physical plant electricians to explore the feasibility of adding more power and data to the library. This will not be an easy nor an inexpensive endeavor however we’re also asking them for advice on smaller measures we can take to improve the situation in the meantime.
Too hot, too cold
Unfortunately when the seasons change as we are experiencing now, it takes a while for a building this size to acclimate. The temperature must be adjusted a little at a time. We’re sorry that its not quite optimal at this time but we are working to make it comfortable and hope to have it better regulated soon.
How can we help!
I believe one of the best ways we can help improve the library is to point out that this library belongs to all of us and we should respect both the facility and everyone who uses it. This will be an inclusive environment! While some of the comments posted were humorous and in fun, many of the comments were controversial if not lewd. We ended this project when someone posted a racial comment and this is unfortunate. I really expected better of students of my Alma mater. Please from this point on whether you’re writing a college paper, essay, club correspondence, email on your job or telling a joke, consider carefully what you say and how you say it as you may easily hurt or offend others. We as cougars are better than that and we both deserve and demand better.

Please contact me either through this blog or via email at any time if you have comments or concerns regarding the library so that you can receive a response. You may also use the library’s suggestion box located on the library homepage. In the coming weeks I will post more of the comments and responses from the library.

Thank you.