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New Tutorial on Video Streaming Services at College of Charleston Libraries

Posted on 5 February 2013 | 12:56 pm — 

In an effort to gear up for our Surviving the VHS Apocalypse and Thriving in the Stream LITE session being offered this Thursday, February 72013 at 3pm – 4:20pm in Addlestone Room 120 we have created a new tutorial that introduces video streaming services available at College of Charleston Libraries.  Not signed up?  There are still seats available!  Be the first on your block to ease your fear and learn to thrive through the Video Apocalypse.  Register online at the link below.

Can’t make it?  Make sure to watch our new tutorial, which covers where to find streaming video (Alexander Street streaming video and Films on Demand), how to insert streaming video into your OAKS course (for faculty), where to find a streaming version of Killing Us Softly 4: Advertisings Image of Women, and how to locate streaming video in the Library catalog!

Submitted by: Jolanda-Pieta (Joey) van Arnhem, College of Charleston Libraries.

Surviving the VHS Apocalypse and Thriving in the Stream

Posted on 29 January 2013 | 2:11 pm — 

Surviving the VHS Apocalypse and Thriving in the Stream
February 7, 2013
3pm – 4:20pm
Addlestone Room 120

The end is near.  VHS and analog video media are going the way of the 8-track player, the Sony Walkman, and very wide ties.  And although very wide ties can sometimes be retrofitted to work in a pinch, the sun is setting on analog video forever.  What does it all mean?  How will you survive?  What will you do?  Where will you go?  Answer:  No worries.  Let some kind library folk offer you calm, inspired encouragement.  We can show you how to survive this VHS apocalypse.  We can show you how to thrive in the bright future beyond.

Joey Van Arnhem and Jared Seay, self-described “humans in a sea of technological change,” will host this LITE session that both explains the end of VHS and the possibilities in streaming video services that the library offers as the way to the video future.

You will find out answers to the video apocalypse like:

How will I live without a VHS player?  What about my beloved VHS tapes? Are all the VHS players on campus really going away forever?  What will happen to all of those library VHS tapes?  Why can’t somebody just make DVD copies of my precious VHS tapes?  Is digital really less fattening than analog?

Then, you will find out everything you need to know about Addlestone Video Collections like:

How do I search for videos?  What is the difference between the SGA video collection and the Teaching video collection?  How do I reserve a video?  How do I stream library videos?  How can I use it to teach or embed videos into my OAKs class?  Can I really create playlists and edit segments and chapters of streaming videos?  Do digital librarians dream of electric sheep?

Be the first on your block to ease your fear and learn to thrive through the Video Apocalypse.  Register online at the link below.

And don’t forget to watch your email for our other offerings this semester:

  • Using Social Media for Academic Research
  • Let’s Not Meet: Making the Most of Time with Asynchronous Collaboration 
  • Need a Research Portal? Design your own!



Addlestone Video Collection LITE Session August 30

Posted on 23 August 2012 | 10:36 am — 

The Addlestone Film Universe: DVD and Streaming Video What does it all really mean?  How will this changeyour life?  August 30, 20121/ 3pm – 4:15pm Addlestone Library Room 129 To … Read More

Do your students think that good Academic Advising just means putting together a schedule that doesn’t have too many 8 am classes?? Then they’re missing out on a whole array of services, support, and expert guidance that is offered by the Academic Advising and Planning Center! They can dig deeper into Academic Advising at this week’s Study Skills Seminar

  • The Advising Advantage!
  • Wednesday, February 23 at 6 pm
  • Thursday, February 24 at 4 pm
  • Robert Scott Small, rm 103
  • Snacks served!

where they will meet the staff from the AAPC, take a virtual tour of the Center, explore the many ‘self-serve’ options- such as using the GPA calculators and degree worksheets,-and find out ways to make their advising appointments work for them! This is a great, informative session—I learn something new every semester!

Whether your students are first years or seasoned professionals, there is valuable information about academic success available to them at this Seminar!

I hope you will encourage your students to join us!

Lindy Coleman

Coordinator, Study Skills program

Center for Student Learning

Students often report that they use the first round of tests to ‘get a feel for’ what will be expected on future tests. But if they aren’t happy with the results of the first test, are they making the necessary changes and ‘tweaks’ to their study habits and strategies so they will have better results the next time around? At this week’s Study Skills Seminar

  • Take Your Best Test!
  • Wednesday, February 16 at 6 pm
  • Thursday, February 17 at 4 pm
  • Robert Scott Small, rm 103
  • Snacks served!

we will go beyond the “study harder” mantra, and examine ways to “study smarter”! Included will be strategies that encourage students to consider the radical notion that Every Day Is a Test Prep Day! We will look at study strategies for both Objective and Essay tests, beginning with Prep Before the Test, followed by Ways to Manage Time and Anxiety During the Test, and finally How to Use Returned Tests as a Springboard for Greater Success.

I hope to see your students this week!

Lindy Coleman

Coordinator, Study Skills program

Center for Student Learning


4 weeks into the semester, and students’ notebooks are already bulging with page after page of class notes. The question is: what are they going to do with those notes? Students very quickly find that ‘reading through my notes a bunch of times’ does not usually prepare them adequately for college tests, but are often unsure of what to do differently. At this week’s Study Skills Seminar

  • Notable Notes!
  • Wednesday, February 9 at 6 pm
  • Thursday, February 10 at 4 pm
  • Robert Scott Small, rm 103
  • Snacks served!

we will address a variety of Active Note Taking Strategies, including how to use Visual Organizers, the Cornell System, and the 4R Method. We will also discuss how to be a more ‘active’ student in the classroom, even in a lecture class, and will extol the benefits of ongoing, regular review of notes. Students will leave with a new Tool for their Study Toolbox!

I hope to see your students this week!


LITE Session: What’s New in PowerPoint 2010

Posted on 2 February 2011 | 12:32 pm — 

What’s New in PowerPoint 2010:  Being an introduction as to how to use the new PowerPoint and by so doing start down the road to presentation awesomeness.

Thursday, February 3 at 3pm
Addlestone Room 120

PowerPoint, SchmowerPoint.  So, what’s the big deal with the new PowerPoint 2010 anyway?  Come find out how the new Office 2010 product has become much more than a helpful rearranging of buttons and the addition of a festive ribbon. In this first Addlestone LITE session of the semester we will give an overview (and hands-on) of the new capabilities of PowerPoint 2010 and how you can use them to more easily create presentations and  enrich them with video, graphics, and animations.  Also, learn how to more easily distribute your presentations with file compression and video creation (easily, really).

Register here, then dress casual, and show up smiling.

What’s new in PowerPoint 2010 Registration Form

Read and Remember! This week’s Study Skills Seminar

Posted on 30 January 2011 | 4:14 pm — 

Are your students already immersed in heavy reading this semester? Some students indicate that by the end of the first month of the semester, they are “drowning in reading assignments”! You can help your students stay afloat by encouraging them to attend this week’s Study Skills Seminar

  • Read and Remember!
  • Wednesday, February 2 at 6 pm
  • Thursday, February 3 at 4 pm
  • Robert Scott Small, rm 103
  • Snacks served!

where we will  discuss a number of problems and solutions connected with academic reading, such as how to manage reading time more efficiently, and choosing active strategies to promote retention and critical thinking skills.

This 45 minute Seminar is designed to help your students identify practical, tangible steps they can put into practice the next time they pick up a textbook!

Re-Think Research!

Posted on 21 January 2011 | 3:19 pm — 

Will your students be using the library this semester for research, papers, and projects? If so, please encourage them to attend this week’s Study Skills Seminar, Re-Think Research!

  • Wednesday, January 26 at 6 pm
  • Thursday, January 27 at 4 pm
  • Robert Scott Small, rm 103
  • Snacks served!

where students will meet the friendly and knowledgeable library staff, and learn of the many resources available online, in print, and in person! Students who gain firsthand knowledge of how the library works are students who will approach their research projects with enthusiasm, confidence, and ability!

What’s New in PowerPoint 2010?

Posted on 9 November 2010 | 10:23 am — 

This Thursday, November 11th
3 – 4:30pm
Addlestone Library, Room 120

Among other new features and buttons to mash, PowerPoint 2010 now includes built-in video editing features. You can trim videos, add effects, and do much more. Other great improvements? You can now convert your presentations to videos, embed videos easier with enhanced features and update your presentations with improved animations and slide transitions.

This session is limited to 20 registrants who should be aquainted (at least on a first name basis) with MS Office 2010.  To register for this session please email