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Cougar Countdown starts Monday!

Posted on 29 November 2010 | 1:17 pm — 

As the semester draws to its busy close, please encourage students to refresh, refocus, and rejuvenate by taking  advantage of the events and activities of Cougar Countdown! This semester’s offerings include:

  • Scheduled Study Breaks: Yoga, Meditation, Mini-Massages, and Zumba
  • Extended Schedule of Late Night Study Spots in the Library Stern Center, Education Center, and Silcox Gym
  • Nightly Snack Breaks in Java City
  • Individual and Group Peer-Led Vent! Sessions
  • And much more!

Check out the whole schedule, including the Study Spot Locater, by going to You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter!

A Four Week Study Plan for Fall 2010

Posted on 16 November 2010 | 11:15 am — 

As Exam Week approaches, get a head start on your planning! Drop by the Exam Planning Resource Table at the Center for Student Learning in the Addlestone Library to pick up calendars, exam schedules, class assessment charts and more! You can also pick up a copy of the Four Week Study Plan to help plan and prepare for the coming weeks.

The Center for Student Learning Four Week Study Plan is also available on GoogleDocs.  Click here to download your copy.

Best wishes for a great end of the semester!

Are your students on the right path? Not just the one that leads to your class or to the library, but the path to their future? Students at all stages of their college experience can take steps toward future success by joining us at this week’s Study Skills Seminar–

  • The Career Center: Not Just for Seniors!
  • Wednesday, November 3 at 6 pm
  • Thursday, November 4 at 4 pm
  • Education Center 118
  • Snacks served!

–where the helpful and knowledgeable staff from the Career Center will take students on a virtual tour of the Center’s resources, including How to Find a Part Time Job On or Off Campus, the What?/Why?/How? of Internships, Using your College Connections, and the Career Search. The Career Center has a wealth of valuable tools—both online and ‘face to face’—to help students start and stay on a career-oriented path!

Whether your students are first years, fifth years, or anywhere in between, please encourage them to join us this week!
Lindy Coleman

Coordinator, Study Skills program

Center for Student Learning


Re-Think Research!

Posted on 3 September 2010 | 11:10 am — 

Will you be sending your students to the library this semester to search for books, journals, and other resources for their papers and projects? Don’t send them into the stacks (real or virtual) alone! Encourage your students to equip themselves with the tools they need to make them more proficient and their library time more efficient by attending this week’s Study Skills Seminar

  • Re-Think Research!
    Wednesday, September 8 at 6 pm

    Thursday, September 9 at 4 pm

    Education Center 118

    Snacks served!

Students will meet the friendly and knowledgeable Addlestone librarians, take a virtual tour of the library, and decode some of the mysteries of online searching! A worthwhile 45 minutes, indeed! And you will have the benefit of knowing that your students possess the tools to get the job done!

Also–this week’s Lunch and Learn Seminar:

  • Read and Remember!
    Friday, September 10 at 12 noon

    Center for Student Learning

    Addlestone Library

    Snacks Served!

Want to see the full Seminar schedule, including downloadable PowerPoints, Seminar videos, and related handouts? Go to

Students may still be basking in those last few lazy, hazy days of summer, but in the very near future the lament will be heard, as it is every semester: “There just isn’t enough time in the day!” Before their cries of anguish ring out, please encourage your students to attend this week’s Study Skills Seminar

Stop the Clock! Making the Most of your Study Time
Wednesday, September 1 at 6pm
Thursday, September 2 at 4 pm
ECTR 118


Friday, September 3 at 12 noonStudy Skills Lab, Center for Student Learning
Snacks served!

The seminars will focus on honestly assessing how time is used during a typical day, goal-setting, and prioritizing tasks and activities, as well as examining the tools available—many of them free!—for creating monthly and weekly calendars and daily to-do lists! Students will leave with new ideas about making the best use of their time, as well as resources to help them put these ideas into practice!

Want to see the complete Seminar schedule, plus related handouts? Go to