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What You Need to Know about Plagiarism LITE Workshop@Addlestone Today at 3!

This entry was posted on Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Special LITE Guest Star Bobby Hollandsworth / Business Librarian, Clemson University Libraries


What You Need to Know about Plagiarism

This is a virtual session interactively-cast from Clemson University. Participants will use iClickers for in-presentation survey and quiz responding.

Thursday, April 8
Addlestone 120
3 – 4:30pm

Feel free to drop in Today at 3pm!

What is plagiarism anyway? Why is it important? How do you avoid it? Why would you want to? What will happen if you don’t? Plagiarism comes in many forms and is often done inadvertently due to inexperience and not knowing what plagiarism actually is. This virtual session will answer these questions and teach practical ways to identify and avoid plagiarism. Participants using iClickers will learn what plagiarism actually is and how to avoid it with paraphrasing, summarizing, direct quotations and citations.

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