Print From Your Computer !

This entry was posted on Monday, May 7th, 2012

  1. The Addlestone Library and Information Technology are testing a new service where you can print from your computer and pick up the print job in the Addlestone Library computer lab.  You will need to download the client software for your computer in order to do this, but there are some restrictions on this service that you need to be aware of.
  • Use the on-campus secure networks. (Not from cofc-guest)
  • It works on Windows computers, but it does not currently support OSX Lion (10.7) .  It does work for Snow Leopard (10.6) on intel based macs
  • You can print from anywhere on campus where you can get wireless signal — The library, a classroom, Rivers Green, your dorm room via resnet because that is part of the on-campus network
  • It only supports computers, so no printing from your phones and/or tablets
  • You must be an administrator on the computer


Test your current location’s availability by clicking this link

(Clicking above should open a window with a graphic in it.  If you can see the graphic, you should be able to print.)


The way the process works is that you download the client software below.   Save this file to the desktop, and then each time you want to print using our printers, simply double click on this file.  This will open a connection to our server, download the printer information to your computer and install a printer on your computer.  Simply use this printer and it will prompt you for your MyCharleston username and password just like when you are in the computer lab. After you have printed what you need to print, click on the “Stop Print Client” button in the LPT One window and it will remove the printer from your computer.

Once you have submitted a job, you have 24 hours to release your print job to the library printers.  If you don’t pick it up during that time, it is automatically deleted.


Download the Windows Client

  1. We recommend you download the file to your desktop by right clicking on the above link and choosing ‘save as’ from the menu.  The filename you are looking for to start LPT One will be “ClientLauncher

Download the Mac Client

  1. We recommend you download the file to your desktop by right clicking on the above link and choosing ‘save as’ from the menu. The filename you are looking for is “LPT One Mobile Print Client“.  You can find it easily by clicking the search icon in the upper right hand menu bar and type in ‘LPT One


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