Creating Multimedia Presentations: LITE Workshop

This entry was posted on Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

LITE Workshop @ Addlestone

Creating Multimedia Presentations (with way cool free software)
Thursday, November 19, 2009

Two showings:  3PM and 6PM
Addlestone Library Room 122
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Powerpoint  is SO late 20th century! Looking for an alternative?   Of course you are.  WOW your students and your colleagues and your conference audience (who will be delighted inasmuch as they are expecting the “Powerpoint bullets of death” syndrome).

You are savvy.  You are creative.  You will have attended this LITE workshop and learned ways to present a topic with flair, interactivity, and excitement!

Learn about creating interactive presentations with VoiceThread, using the slideshow feature in Flickr, or creating a video.  Check out 2-D images in a 3-D world using Microsoft’s Photosynth or Cooliris. Learn where to find images for your presentations using Creative Commons.  Having video player issues?  Try VLC, free software that plays nearly anything!

Its not too late to learn how to be exciting and interesting (or at least present so that you sound like you are).

Register at:

Extra soft seats available to the first 10 people who bring their own seat cushions.

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