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CofC has moved to PAPERLESS Course-Instruction Evaluations!

Posted on 11 November 2010 | 4:22 pm — 

As of this semester, there are no longer paper course evaluations.

Students can begin their course evaluations on Nov 15th – December 6th.  If you have a few moments while you are in the Addlestone Library, the link for course evaluations is easily accessible on the 250 computers in the library!

Students can also access the evaluation forms directly at, MyCharleston, or via their Edisto email invitation.  Team-taught and linked course will have an online evaluation for each professor.

Students should use their Cougars user name and password to access their Course Instructor Evaluations for each class.

Bryant Holsenbeck - Environmental Artist
Artist’s Lecture on Saturday
October 23
Addlestone Library, Room 227.
Don’t forget to come to the Bryant Holsenbeck Exhibit opening this Friday (October 22) at 5pm-7pm in the Addlestone Library Rotunda! While you are there, take a moment to read the QR Code (accessible by a code reader app on your phone) on each poster to find out more about sustainability efforts at the College of Charleston. Need a QR Code Reader? Visit the QR Code Research Guide to Find one!
Guests can also walk to the Halsey Institute for the Chris Jordan exhibit opening, Running the Numbers, presented by bluesphere: earth art expo.

Photographs of Bryant Holsenbeck’s mini-residency at the College of Charleston posted with permission from Mark Sloan, Director & Senior Curator, Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art. Poster series designed by Jolanda-Pieta van Arnhem, Jerry Spiller and Ai Charleston student Marcello Garofalo.

Students in Professor Caroline Hunt’s English 110 course, part of the learning community Critical Thinking: Catalyst for Success collected and delivered bottle caps and lids for the Bryant Holsenbeck installation, researched both the history of mandalas and the work of the artist and volunteered to assist with the mandala construction.

The learning community enables incoming freshman considering majors in biological sciences and mathematics to engage in classes offering peer facilitation, supplemental instruction, active learning, problem-solving and social activities.

Interested in learning more about the College of Charleston First Year Experience Program? Visit the Learning Community Website at

For more information on the Bryant Holsenbeck: Bottle Cap Mandala Installation visit:…

For more information on the artist visit:

Event Information:
Exhibit opening: Friday, October 22 – 5pm-7pm (Addlestone Library Rotunda)
*guests can also walk to the Halsey Institute for the Chris Jordan exhibit opening, Running the Numbers, presented by bluesphere: earth art expo.

Artist’s Lecture: Saturday, October 23 – 11am (Addlestone Library, Room 227)