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Mission, Vision, and Goals

Library Mission

Consistent with the College of Charleston’s mission to provide students and faculty the opportunity to realize their intellectual and personal potential, our mission is to make available a comprehensive collection of scholarly materials and library services congruent with the institution’s present and anticipated instructional and research requirements.

approved by Provost 10 August 2006


Goal 1: To select and acquire information resources based on collection management principles that reflect the teaching and research requirements of the college.

Goal 2: To organize timely, logical, aggregated and convenient access to print, electronic and other information resources to further study and research.

Goal 3: To assist and instruct the College community in the use and evaluation of information resources from the library’s traditional and virtual collections.

Goal 4: To provide an environment including the appropriate technical infrastructure that fosters learning and academic purpose.

Goal 5: To seek out and maintain partnerships that extend access to information, cultivate support for library collections and services, and strengthen the local community.

Goal 6: To ensure that the organization reflects current trends in information technology, attracts and retains a competent and able staff, pursues positive change and remains both open and consultative.


The College of Charleston Marlene and Nathan Addlestone Library is the premier research library for the region. With its comprehensive collections, the library serves as a dynamic hub of discovery that supports education at the highest levels. We teach our community to think ethically and critically about information. We preserve the history of the institution and the region. We deliver professional service and instruction, and engage in strategic, creative partnerships. We advance intellectual and cultural excellence.