Travel Procedures & Forms

Addlestone Library Travel Request Procedures

  1. The Travel Policy details the reasons and justifications for travel.
  2. Fill out library travel request form. Have your supervisor sign the form.
  3. Fill out a leave form with appropriate signatures.
  4. Fill out a College of Charleston Travel authorization (Excel download). Be sure to click the TA box at the top to assign a unique number to your request. Save the form to your computer and include a printout with your travel request.
  5. Submit your request to the Chair of the Staff Development Committee (See Library Committees document here). Keep a copy of all paperwork.
  6. The Staff Development Committee will notify you of their decision and, if approved, forward the form to the Controller’s Office.
  7. You may have the College prepay some of your expenses by filling out the Travel Advance form. Also, you can have AAA Travel (Connie Eichel, 800-765-6223) book your flights and
    charge it to your Travel Authorization.

Travel Reimbursement Procedures

  1. After completing travel you will need to submit receipts and a copy of your approved travel authorization to the Controller’s Office for payment.
  2. Fill out the Travel Reimbursement form (Excel download) and submit it with copies of your hotel, airplane, parking, etc. receipts. You do not have to submit meal receipts or gas receipts. For meals you receive a per diem ($32 for out-of-state travel, as of 2016). Mileage for personal autos changes frequently ($.54 per mile as of 1/1/2016)
  3. Keep a copy of your paperwork until you have received reimbursement.

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